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For Rent at Hüxstrasse:


Hüxstrasse 19: Business ca 25 sq. meters + cellar + WC, available now. Rental: 600 € + tax, utilities & common charges 120 € + tax, deposit 3 months' rental payment; Tel. 62 28 20


(The IG Hüxstrasse GbR reserves the right not to publicize overpriced ads or realtors' ads here).

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Shops at Hüxstrasse

Lifestyle & Beauty · Fashion Jewelry NO. 27

Shalom Schmuckdesign

Shalom Schmuckdesign

Shalom is a quite unique jewelry store. We offer selected pieces in very different designs. Each one is exceptional in itself, and not worn by just anyone. Each piece comes with its own story: ranging from lovingly crafted specialties including the city rings of Lübeck, to exclusive unique specimens that aim to inspire and enchant. Some of our pieces are simple in their design, and some are ornately adorned with colorful gemstones. You will find intricately combined precious metals, next to pure, genuine gold pieces. The attractive mix in our store inspires our customers to come in and find their own special jewelry item, again and again.
Fashion · Accessoires NO. 25

Rheingans Brillen

We are happy to announce that Rheingans Brillen (optician) re-opened on June 15, 2013. Some changes have been made, but the store's values have remained the same.

With our partner Colibri, located on Wahmstrasse, Rheingans Brillen can keep up the traditional business style, closely connected to the optical profession.

At the side of manager Kathrin Curth, Mr. Rheingans himself will be available to consult all customers every Monday morning (or by appointment).

We look forward to your visit!

-You will receive a personalized vision profile
-We can determine your current visual acuity with a test.
-Select a pair of glasses or sunglasses from our current product line, or have them custom-made in Germany.
-The lenses used are quality-tested eyeglass lenses.
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