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New Businesses

New Businesses

New at Hüxstrasse. We welcome our new businesses!

  • Antiques
    (Hüxstr. 104, Tel. 0172-9312893)
  • JessenLenz Apple Premium Resseller Store 
    (Hüxstr. 26, Tel. 8736036)
  • Stadtbäckerei Junge 
    (Hüxstr. 79, Tel. 7063702)
  • Abessa Kaffeerösterei und Schokolade Lübeck 
    (Hüxstr. 35, Tel. 70984810)
  • Herzstücke - Liebenswertes für Groß & Klein 
    (Hüxstr. 49, Tel. 9895782)
  • Atelier Zebrafisch 
    (Hüxstr. 97, Tel. 70798776)
  • Esplanade Immobilien
    (Hüxstr. 75, Tel. 7060692)
  • sitzen und mehr 
    (Hüxterdamm 2b, Tel. 74540)

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Shops at Hüxstrasse

Arts and Crafts · Goldsmiths NO. 101

Atelier Turan - Werkstatt für Schmuck

Goldsmith Janine Turan reflects her love of the ocean, of her homeland, and of travelling in her work.
A collection of maritime, classically influenced, and simultaneously fresh, lighthearted jewelry is the result. Materials used include silver, gold, gemstones, acrylic, enamel, and
anything else that is beautiful or unique.
Furthermore, we host alternating exhibitions.
Delicacies · Tobacco NO. 110


The Zuther family has been professionally selling smoker's accessories since 1994. We concentrate on oriental waterpipes, bongs, and supplies and replacement parts for these devices. We sell brand-name water pipes from Amy, Kaya, Narikela, Hookah, Al-Mani, Alqariab, Mya and Aladin. We obtain our wares via the international industry's wholesale market. We also sell bongs by G-SPOT, Black Leaf, Roor, Jelly Joker, Magic Glass, Ehle, Weedstar, Cosmic, Bam Bam Bhole, and many more. If that's not enough, we also carry various tabacco and rolling paper brands such as OCB, RAW, Smoking, Canuma, Marie, Gizeh, BIG, Blunt Wrap, Harlem, Juicy Jay, Cyclones, Golden Wrap, Rizzla, Le Zouave, Jumbo, Bob Marley, Snoop Dogg, Bulldog Amsterdam, LOL, Mascotte, Dragonfly, Rips, American Spirit, Pueblo, Pepe, Fred, Manitou, Crossroad, Excellent, Knaster, Greengo, and Mellow Yellow. If you're looking for Shisha tabacco, we offer a large selection of different flavours by leading international manufacturers like Al-Waha, Havana, Amy Gold, Shiazo, Shisha King, El Nakhla, Al Fakher, Starbuzz and Swiss Doobacco. Zippo afficionados will also be sure to find something to suit their tastes. Visit our homepage at and be fascinated by our assortment! Be careful: You may get intoxicated ;-)
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