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SHMF Award

SHMF Award

The „IG Hüxstrasse“ was awarded a trophy by the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival committee. The trophy (made of acrylic) was awarded by Susanne Neubauer (Manager of the SHMF association) and Burkhard Stein (Director of the SHMF foundation), and reads (in German):


„The SHMF thanks the Hüxstrasse interest group for imaginative and festive support of 12 state focus points“


For us, the award is a mark of recognition which we were very pleased to receive.

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Shops at Hüxstrasse

Arts & Culture · Art NO. 31

Kunst Runge

Welcome to my atelier: “Kunst Runge”.

You will find my paintings, done in oil or acrylic, on exclusive display.

My artistic focus is on various themes, including everyday situations. I am also passionate about old, rusty vehicles, nudes, or people in daily life.

Stop by and let my work make its own impression on you.

I am happy to help you find the optimal placement for your preferred painting in your home.

Of course I can also incorporate your own ideas into a personalized painting.

I am looking forward to your visit at Hüxstr. 31.

Stephan Runge
Fashion · Accessoires NO. 27

Shalom Schmuckdesign

Shalom Schmuckdesign

Shalom is a quite unique jewelry store. We offer selected pieces in very different designs. Each one is exceptional in itself, and not worn by just anyone. Each piece comes with its own story: ranging from lovingly crafted specialties including the city rings of Lübeck, to exclusive unique specimens that aim to inspire and enchant. Some of our pieces are simple in their design, and some are ornately adorned with colorful gemstones. You will find intricately combined precious metals, next to pure, genuine gold pieces. The attractive mix in our store inspires our customers to come in and find their own special jewelry item, again and again.
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