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SHMF Award

SHMF Award

The „IG Hüxstrasse“ was awarded a trophy by the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival committee. The trophy (made of acrylic) was awarded by Susanne Neubauer (Manager of the SHMF association) and Burkhard Stein (Director of the SHMF foundation), and reads (in German):


„The SHMF thanks the Hüxstrasse interest group for imaginative and festive support of 12 state focus points“


For us, the award is a mark of recognition which we were very pleased to receive.

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Arts and Crafts · Toys NO. 62

Michaelsen - Scandinavian Living

Lightness and attention to detail characterize Scandinavian design. Charming décor elements and lovingly decorated, romantic living accessories set Nordic accents and create a positive atmosphere. We have an exceptional selection of furniture and gift ideas for children. Stop by our shop. We look forward to your visit.
  • Bloomingville
  • Green Gate
  • H. Skjalm P.
  • House Doktor
  • IB Laursen
  • Lisbeth Dahl
You will find our online shop on our website.
Lifestyle & Beauty · Watches NO. 80

Try Out

Our clock and jewelry store TRY OUThas been serving customers in Lübeck since 1986. We have constantly expanded our range of exceptional clocks and jewelry to meet all of our customers' needs. Our well-balanced product range includes classic clock brands like Ole Mathiesen or Meistersinger, but also high-end fashionable designers like Boccia and Xen. You'll also find designer jewelry made of stainless steel, unique felted jewelry, the off-beat Sim collection, and much more. Of course, we additionally offer a broad variety of rings, especially partner rings and wedding rings made of titanium or stainless steel.
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