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April Fool's 2011

April Fool's 2011

Hüxstrasse is getting a bus line!

In 2011, news about Hüxstrasse was a big April Fool's Day joke in the newspaper „Lübecker Nachrichten“ (see PDF). 

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Shops at Hüxstrasse

Gastronomy · Café NO. 46

Bio-Konditorei Gaumenfreude

Stop by Lübeck's first organic confectionery!

With loving attention to detail and dedication to the confectioner's trade, our shop specializes in exquisite delicacies for all tastes. Select from many varieties of classic or fancy cakes, fine pastries, or petit fours and pyramid cakes, created by our master craftsmen.

Of course, you will also find a large selection of vegan baked goods and gluten- and lactose-free specialties. Simply delicious!

Relax and enjoy one of our coffee specialties, or try some tea with one of the new refreshing beverages that we sell. We also offer a selection of fine wines, teas, delicatessen, and tea biscuits for you to enjoy at home.
Gastronomy · Bar NO. 58


Ohana is an excellent location for fine dining and elegant celebrating. The generous, unique atmosphere will put guests of every age into a real holiday mood, whether they're sitting at the bar, in our conservatory, or in the spacious courtyard. Open daily from 10 a.m. until at least midnight. Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays we are open-end with DJ's after 9 p.m. - the ideal starting point for Lübeck's nightlife.

We look forward to your visit!
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