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Summer Festival 2013

Come and celebrate on our street on July 27, 2013!

 We are looking forward to great weather for our 2013 summer festival. This year, the Baltic states are the theme of our festival, which starts at noon and continues into the late evening.

Many businesses have prepared all-day events for you. Look forward to the following special attractions: City Video (Nr. 13, Film Quiz), Prinzipessa (Nr 17, special prizes), Roeper (Nr. 22-24, wine, coffee, cake), Krützfeld (Nr. 23, Lübeck herring joint), Rheingans Brillen (Nr. 25, custom-made glasses, sweepstakes), JenssenLenz (Nr. 26, fishing for apples - for children), Galerie Koch-Westenhoff (Nr. 29, Calendar for 2014), NARA (Nr. 32, special offers), Galerie Ansichtssache (Nr. 34, narrative art „northern style": The eye meets the voice at 12/2/4 p.m., stories about the Baltic; Kathrin Grüneberg and Gerhard P. Bosche will enchant your whole family with their voices!), Galleria (Nr. 37, putting together a summer garden: outdoor furniture, decorations, plants), modern line (Nr. 40, iced tea tasting and making), Silberpfeil (Nr. 41, boating furniture exhibit), VAI (Nr. 42, food and drink), Henriette K (Nr. 45, St. Petri tower rescue; wheel of fortune with attractive prizes), Kinderstübchen (Nr, 53, duck fishing, games and sales), Buchhandlung Arno Adler (Nr. 55, featuring pictures, children's and young adult literature from the Baltic region, a Lena-Lotte Springer reading at 4 p.m., a bibliophile window exhibit about the beginnings of book printing), Nadel und Faden (Nr. 59, Bulletin board workshop, please register!), Ettoffe+Tessuti (Nr. 60, textile flea market, sewing scarves), Michaelsen (Nr. 62, making hair wreaths with children, face painting), Lena Leinen (Nr. 75, tasting Baltic specialties, special sale), Hirsch Apotheke (Nr. 76, pharmacy jars), Try Out (Nr. 80, photo wall), Panzerknacker (stamping and embossing of fine silver coins and pendants), Kempas Scarpe (Nr. 82, 50% sale on UNISA children's and women's fashion), Weltladen (Nr. 83-85, Wheel of fortune, Amnesty International stand, etc.), Freistil (Nr. 83-85, crafting Baltic crowns for and with children), Mode S (Nr. 86, throwing dice for a prize, inkl. a free glass of sparkling wine), kontor 54 (Nr. 88, crafting workshop for children), Wilde Rose (Nr. 96, Baltic birch forest), Atelier Zebrafisch (Nr. 97, etchings „hot off the press" with the Glüxschwein made by the artist's hand), Atelier Turan (Nr. 101, impressions and expressions from Riga), Bom Dia (Nr. 105, wine and tapas), Creole (Nr. 111, Baltic amethyst in many variations, sale corner), and Bio Bau GmbH (Nr. 113, sale of organic products including felt slippers, wheat/soy pillows). Come enjoy the diversity!

At Hüxstrasse 30 and 116, there are stages featuring various acts starting at 12 p.m.

We look forward to your visit! Make your visit to downtown Lübeck a memorable one this Saturday!


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Shops at Hüxstrasse

Arts & Culture · Atelier NO. 68

freiheit Design

At Hüxstrasse 68, you'll find exclusive, modern jewelry– created and made by designer Antje Freiheit.
This jewelry is characterized by clear contours.
In her shop, Antje Freiheit presents pieces made of classic gold, silver, and gemstones, but also works created out of steel, wood, plastic,or less valuable minerals.
The inventiveness put into the material composition and the excellent workmanship gives this jewelry its very unique charm.
Arts and Crafts · Toys NO. 62

Michaelsen - Scandinavian Living

Lightness and attention to detail characterize Scandinavian design. Charming décor elements and lovingly decorated, romantic living accessories set Nordic accents and create a positive atmosphere. We have an exceptional selection of furniture and gift ideas for children. Stop by our shop. We look forward to your visit.
  • Bloomingville
  • Green Gate
  • H. Skjalm P.
  • House Doktor
  • IB Laursen
  • Lisbeth Dahl
You will find our online shop on our website.
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