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Shops at Hüxstrasse

Arts and Crafts · Toys NO. 104


Since June, my small antique shop has been located at Hüxstraße 104. I sell Swedish and French furniture, artwork, silver mirrors, paintings, porcelain, blankets, and wall chandeliers, in addition to antique dollhouses and accessories.
Gastronomy · Bistro NO. 57

MIERA - Feinkost-Bistro-Restaurant-Weinbar

At Manfred Miera's, gourmets will float in on cloud nine! Enjoy yourself from early morning until late at night. Enjoy feeling Southern flair for a short while. For breakfast, try a Panino with finest air-dried ham and a quick cappuccino at our bar table. Watch the city wake up. Or come to the bistro for lunch with your business partners, and take your loved one out for a romantic dinner date at our elegant first-floor restaurant.

When you walk into our delicatessen shop, you will be greeted by a multitude of Italian and French specialties behind the large glass showcase. Unpasteurised cheese specialties, fine Italian salami, the finest ham varieties, home-made antipasti, patés, pasta, and bread will make your mouth water. You'll also find a large selection of sauces, noodles, fine oils, and accessories for your kitchen, wine cellar, or for your dinner table.

The magazine „Feinschmecker“ has listed Feinkost Miera as one of the best wine sellers in Germany. You can try a variety of international wines at our in-house wine cellar,. We also offer wine tasting after hours for groups of six or more, combined with hors d'oeuvres or a full sit-down menu. In exchange for a corkage fee, you can also try any wine in our bistro or restaurant.
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