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Summer Festival 2013

Summer Festival 2013

East meets West! Hüxstrasse celebrates Chinese-style!

Saturday, July 27, 2013. Summer festival at Hüxstrasse: East meets West! Hüxstrasse celebrates Chinese-style! In honor of the annual country theme and opening of Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival, Lübeck's most beautiful shopping street is again hosting its legendary summer festival. On Saturday, July 27, 2013, from 12:00 p.m., Hüxstrasse will turn Chinese: Exciting street decorations, activities, gastronomy, and music. After country themes like Spain, Italy, Japan, and Russia, now there will be „lanterns“, „fans“, „Ping Pong“, „dancing lions“, „spring rolls“, „chopsticks“, and of course Chinese music (classic and modern) for your enjoyment.

  • The festival's musical highlight will be the Chinese artist Mona Li. She plays classical music on the domed zither Guzheng and will carry us away to a world of Chinese sound that most of us don't know. Even as a child, she won numerous prizes. In 1991, she won first place in the category „Solo Performance“ at the National Chinese Music Competition. Since joining the China Artists Association, Mona Li belongs to the most successful Chinese artists. Whenever Chinese art and culture are being presented, Mona Li is a well-received guest. Main stage (Nr. 79): 3 p.m. and 6:30 p.m
  • The Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival and the association of Lübeck's Museums are happy to jointly present their festival and exhibition activities round about this year's country focus, China. On the main stage (Nr. 79), you can see Anna Christiana Hofbauer und Nikolai Juretzka (Song and Piano) at 1 and 2 p.m., with their musical and pop performance. They are students at Lübeck's music university.
  • Furthermore, Chinese musician Yu Jin (Synthies, piano, laptop, and Kaoss pad) will perform. She was formerly a keyborder for „Cobra“, China's first female rock band, and performed in the Chinese-German-Dutch ensemble „Monokino“, well-known for its Indie-style music with „high-pitched“ voices, static keyboard, and rock guitar. The band's only EP was released by the Chinese label „fmusic“. Lounge area (Nr. 94): 1 and 3:30 p.m.
  • On loan from the TheaterFigurenMuseum Lübeck, Hüxstrasse is displaying rare Chinese hand puppets from the Fritz Fey collection in selected shop windows. Exhibitors: Galerie Koch-Westenhoff (Hüxstr. 29) Goldschmiede Reddig (Hüxstr. 30) Aura Unikatschmuck (Hüxstr. 32) Goldschmiede A. Lütjens (Hüxstr. 44) freiheit Design - Gold- und Silberschmiede (Hüxstr. 68) Galerie EL (Hüxstr. 72)
  • On the street, the Kung Fu Academy Lübeck will surprise passersby with Chinese Lion Dance and martial arts, while the club Tai Chi Qigong Lübeck e.V. will show excercises that guests are welcome to participate in.
  • Furthermore, you can purchase Hüxstraßen-Wundertüten at various stands (contents: surprise gifts and gift certificates from our shops).
  • Other entertainers include Joe Green (guitar and vocals, Stage Up Nr. 17, 4 p.m.), with his brilliant songs and acoustic guitar, and Toni and Antonia with „Music from Lübeck, Eye Music, Dance, and Fun Music“, who play a bluesy mix of many musical styles with their banjo, bass, contrabass, guitar, trumpet, trombone, accordion, fiddle, and drums (Stage Up Nr. 17, 12:30 p.m.). Or come see VENUS ON STRINGS: Women who rock their guitars are still rare. These two musicians know not only how to sing, but also to excellently play the guitar. Silvy Braun from Hamburg (front woman for ZACK ZILLIS), and Andrea von Rehn (guitarist and singer from Bad Segeberg), are leaving their bands and e-guitars at home today to present the best unplugged songs on their acoustic guitars (stage up Nr. 17, 2 p.m.). Here are more shop events:
  • Albrecht Deko (Hüxstr. 115): Calligraphy – Party fun with many surprises
  • ARNO ADLER - Buchhandlung und Antiquariat (Hüxstr. 55). At the bookstore:Exhibition of Chinese authors and illustrators for young and old. At the antiquarian bookshop: Small but exquisite book table, sale by weight in Chinese Yuan (Wai-bi or Renmin-bi).
  • Bier Prinz. International beer. (Hüxstr. 33): Sweepstakes: How many varieties of beer at Bier Prinz come from China? And across the way: Chinese ink drawing (hands-on presentations at 2 and 5 p.m.).
  • Bisbee – Orientteppiche (Hüxstr. 38): Exhibition of old and antique Chinese carpets and Mao bronze figures. Tibet-Lounge.
  • Antje Dietel und Friseure (Hüxstr. 17): Spring roll hairstyles
  • Henriette K.-Mode (Hüxstr. 45): For big and small: Plate juggling just like in the Chinese State Circus, raffle with fortune cookies, China-Lounge
  • Lars Kewitz. the fashion room (Hüxstr. 56): Ping Pong at Teehaus 56 with fortune cookies for children and adults.
  • Reformhaus Kutschmann (Hüxstr. 46): Chinese products: China Balm (pain balm), Chinese ginger (sulphur-free and spicy), green tea tasting
  • maKULaTUR Buchhandlung für Kunst Kulturgeschichte Architektur Design (Hüxstr. 87): Max Weinland and Noel Richter from BUREAU WABI, which designed the China banner for the street, are displaying their graphic designs and experimenting with Chinese stamp signatures.
  • Galerie die produzenten - glasgestaltung - möbelwerk - weberei - leuchten aus glas (Hüxstr. 73): Au Wei Wei, what a quiz!
  • Romeo & Julia Factory – Moden und Julius Hairstyling (Hüxstr. 26): Catwalk with fashion and avant-garde hairstyles inspired by China and the yin yang theme
  • Skalp die Haarschneider (Hüxstr. 50): Getting creative with chopsticks!
  • Try Out – Jewelry and Watches (Hüxstr. 78/80): Photography in a Chinese setting
  • a!concept-interiors (Hüxstr. 96): Picture exhibit by Chinese artist TingTing in our shop. Chinese food and drink can be bought in the middle section of the street:
  • Abessa Kaffeerösterei und Schokolade Lübeck (Hüxstr. 35): Pannacotta with candied blossoms, chocolate waffles with Chinese spices, fruits with chocolate icing, Mango Lassi, coffee specialties with ginger
  • Krützfeld - Fisch und Delikatessen (Hüxstr. 23): Chinese fish dish with rice
  • Urtica Tee und Heilkräuter (Hüxstr. 22-24): Lychée Punch
  • Weltladen e. V. - Fair Trade Shop (Hüxstr. 83-85) Rice cakes and other rice specialties
  • also visit: Cafe Bar (Hüxstr. 94), Café Calma - Restaurant und Café (Hüxstr. 67), Löffelbar (Hüxstr. 49), Nui togo – Sushibar (Hüxstr. 91-93), (MIERA - Feinkost Bistro Restaurant Weinbar (Hüxstr. 57), OHANA Restaurant & Cocktailbar (Hüxstr. 58)
  • Activities for children are located here:
  • ARNO ADLER - Buchhandlung (Hüxstr. 55): Dragon drawing contest
  • Bio Bau GmbH - - Organic building materials (Hüxstr. 113): Children's drawing. Color T-Shirts and bags
  • Hirsch-Apotheke (Hüxstr. 76): Face-painting
  • Kinderstübchen GmbH (Hüxstr. 53): Surprise bags and games
  • KONTOR 54 (Hüxstr. 88): Can throwing and dragon darts
  • Michaelsen - Scandinavian Living (Hüxstr. 62): Chinese face painting
  • Toys & More – Toys for Children and Adults (Hüxstr. 48): Fishing for ducks. AND MUCH, MUCH MORE... Come be surprised, just like every year, the Hüxstrasse summer festival will charm every visitor – it's going to be a great party! (By the way, the Parkhaus Hüxstraße at the entrance of the street will be open until 8:30 p.m. for our guests!)

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    Arts and Crafts · Jewellery Design NO. 101

    Atelier Turan - Werkstatt für Schmuck

    Goldsmith Janine Turan reflects her love of the ocean, of her homeland, and of travelling in her work.
    A collection of maritime, classically influenced, and simultaneously fresh, lighthearted jewelry is the result. Materials used include silver, gold, gemstones, acrylic, enamel, and
    anything else that is beautiful or unique.
    Furthermore, we host alternating exhibitions.
    Lifestyle & Beauty · Perfumery NO. 66

    Parfümerie Schuback GmbH

    Die Parfümerie Schubackis an owner-managed,long-established company with 19 branches. We have been comitted to customer satisfaction for over 60 years. In addition to featuring an exceptional selection of perfumes and skin care products,our cosmetic and care department above the city roofs is an exclusive trademark. Schuback also offers interesting customer seminars, including make-up classes, teenage make-up classes, wellness evenings, and men's workshops

    Whether you plan to indulge yourself or your loved ones, Parfümerie Schuback is looking forward to your visit!

    Yours, The Wagner Family and the Schuback Team
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