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The Fantastic Günter Grass

The Fantastic Günter Grass

Graphic Exhibition

Fairy tales play an important role in Günther Grass's work, ranging from the „TIN DRUM“ (1959) to his latest piece of prose, „GRIMM'S WORDS“ (2010). In his debut novel, Grass gave his gnomelike main character Oskar Matzerath magical powers and uses the topos „Once upon a time...“,which is very unusual for the post-war period in which the novel was written.

In „FLOUNDER“ (1977), the famous fairy tale „The Fisher and his Wife“ is the basis for the novel. The novel was originally subtitled „A Fairy Tale“.

What the brothers Grimm and the movie „Cloud Atlas“ have to do with a Nobel Prize winner's narrative style, why Rumpelstilzchen tears out a leg in the „RAT“ (1986), and why Grass keeps on returning to the forest: These topics will be discussed by am 08.05.2013 Jörg-Philipp Thomsa, M.A. (Head of the Günther Grass Haus in Lübeck) on Galerie Ansichtssache, Hüxstrasse 34, 23552 Lübeck.

The background information given by Mr. Thomsa will be accompanied by a reading of the corresponding Grass novels by Lübeck-based actor Sven Simon. The event begins at 7 p.m. and will last approx. 60 minutes. Visitors should keep in mind that there will be no seating available (standing-room only).

Supported by:
Günter-Grass-Haus Lübeck
Kunsthaus Lübeck
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