Die Huexstraße Epaper - page 2

Lübecks charmante Einkaufsperle
Take a Seat!
The Hüxstraße – our charming
shopping aisle in the medieval heart
of the historic Lübeck
n the Hüxstraße, in the heart of the Old Town of
Lübeck, 517 metres long and barely 8 metres wide,
there are 121 shops, bars and restaurants offer-
ing shoppers and sightseers alike a superb variety
of wares as they stroll through this part of Lübeck.
Anyone looking for something special will stumble
across something novel in each of these old build-
ings: beauty and disbelief, a feast for one’s eyes, a
gourmet’s delight, art and kitsch and more often than
not everything under one roof. 121 individualists and
connoisseurs look forward to your visit.
Yours, the ‚Hüxstraßen-Gemeinschaft‘
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