Galerie Koch-Westenhoff

Hüxstraße 29 · 23552 Lübeck

In 1955, the Galerie's head branch was founded by Greifswald native Bruno Koch.
From 1969 on, the Galerie has had a branch in Lübeck, which has been at the present location, a 17th-century Baroque-style gabled house, since 1974. In the same year, Margot Koch-Westenhoff took over the Galerie from her father.

In 2009, the Galerie's management was transferred to the next generation, headed jointly by Stefan Westenhoff and Meike Zimmer. The Galerie's program includes paintings, watercolors, graphics, and sculptures of the classical modernist style, as well as works created by a number of contemporary artists.

This program is presented at 3-4 solo exhibitions per year, as well as at art fairs in Hamburg (Affordable Art Fair) and Karlsruhe (Art Karlsruhe)