Kinderstübchen - Mode für kleine Leute

Hüxstraße 53 · 23552 Lübeck

Kinderstübchen – Fashion for small people...

...the right location for anyone looking for something special. Lovingly selected collections from France, Netherlands, or Denmark... available from newborn to size 176.

At our children's fashion store, our customers can select from the following brands/designers:

  • Trends by Scotch & Soda, Sofie Schnorr
  • French clothes and underwear by Patit Bateu from France, Laranjinja (a classic Portuguese label), or Hust and Claire from Scandinavia
  • Outdoor fashion by Mini A Ture Copenhagen, Finkid
  • Playful fashion by NOA NOA, Wheat and Huttelihut miniature to size 140
  • for the cool kids: Scotch & Soda is a perfect fit
  • for minis - Emile & Rose of Great Britain
  • Hats and accessories by Mini A Ture, Maximo, and Huttelihut, PickaPooh
  • Baby and walking shoes by Anna & Paul
  • Down & terrycloth sleeping bags for the „little ones“ by Tavolinchen (a traditional southern German brand)
  • Toys by Kathe Kruse Germany.
  • Additional clothing: Plui-Plui, Solostu, DE BOER, Mimis Glow, A Monday Barcelona, Picnik Barcelona, leo et lea

Toys from Käthe Kruse Germany

Clothing for Newborn to 176:
Betit-Bateau, Wheat, Mini-A-True, Scotch & Soda, Hust and Claire, Huttelihut Laranjinha, Maximo, NOA NOA , Finkid, Solostu, Plui-Plui, Sofie Schnorr, Picka Pooh, Javolinchen, Snug, Picnik Barcelona, A Monday in Coppenhagen

Käthe Kruse, DE BOER, Mimi´s Glow, leo et lea

Stop by and see us at the beautiful Hüxstrasse in Lübeck. We look forward to your visit!