Hüxstraße 113 · 23552 Lübeck

„Blond is fantastically innocent. Blond is pure temptation.
Blond lives on clichés. Blond catches the eye!“

The color palette is just as varied as the characters of its wearers. WE are knowledgeable in all of the new and classical coloration techniques. From Ballayage to classic highlights, we have everything set up. We work independently of brands. That makes it possible for us to select the product that fits your needs from all of the available brands. In working with hair coloration and lightening products, we treat your hair structure with care and use additional care products such as Olaplex and BOND pro Plus during coloration, which will bring added luster to your hair.

For this reason, we opened Skalp BLOND in November 2016, where we are dedicated solely to the color BLOND.

What you can expect and look forward to when you choose us

Our goal is to make you feel good from start to finish, and that you are happy to place yourself in our hands. That's why it's important for you to know what services you can rely on when you select our shop. Namely, that we take our trade seriously, we use professional tools, and we read your wishes from your hair and your eyes. Convince yourself – come by and tell us your issues, your wishes, or your concerns.