Summerfestival 2015

Street Festival, Art, and Culture

We celebrate our summerfeast 2015 at the 11th of July. It´ll start at 12 and we´ll surprise you with a pretty substantial program.

Come to our Hüxstraßenfest and enjoy a colorful combination of music, art, and culture. One of the festival's trademarks is that many of the groups and musicians will be performing together in various formations.

The following artists will be at the festival:

Jana Nitsch (accordion and song), together with Marcus Berthold (fivestring fiddle), are the „TroubaDuo“.

The performance group „Kerygold“ will also be playing for their ever-growing fan base.

Emre und Finna entertain the audiences with guitar musik and songs.

The duo „Manipura“ offers a breathtaking juggling performance right on the street.

Jutta Ottenbreit will be inviting the audience to join in her tango performance at the intersection Schlumacherstraße.

The Kunstschule der Gemeinnützigen will be showing artwork inside and outside of many shops and businesses. They invite you to participate in their dialogues.

The Circus Roncalli wants to tune you in to the upcoming performance in Lübeck with its publicity bus and a ticket raffle.

The Shops at Hüxstraße will be offering various surprises.