The shop "Antiques" will move

News vom 15.05.2018

The shop "Antiques" moves to the 1.6.2018 on the opposite side of the road. The new address is Huexstrasse 95....


Program November/December 2017 for the Theater Combinale

News vom 08.11.2017

The Theater Combinale published a new program-sheet for November and December 2017. Exciting, funny and creative events are awaiting you.


Prinz to Go

News vom 06.07.2017

Art show with objects & arts of Karin Weissenbacher from 8th of july to the 12th of august 2017. The creative...


Jazz-It! Music with piano and vocals

News vom 18.06.2017

„Jazz-It“ ...Imke Krüger provides the vocals and Mike Lindiger plays the piano. Jazz, pop, original compositions, and ballads...The two musicians have acquired a widely...


Singer-Songwriter: Mr. Finlay

News vom 17.06.2017

The trio „Mr. Finlay“ want to excite their guests with music in singer-songwriter style. We can‘t wait to see whether...


The angels are tipsy?‘s Drunken Angel!

News vom 16.06.2017

The „Drunken Angels“ - Frank Högner and Tilo Strauß, offer a musical melange made up of Blues, Appalachian folk, Soul,...


Trio? Combo Tripartie!

News vom 15.06.2017

The „Combo tripartie“ - that is Erwan – guitar and vocals in French, Mimi – drums and vocals in German,...


„Kerygold“ is coming to the 2017 Summer Street Party!

News vom 14.06.2017

It‘s that time of year again. The summer street party 2017 is coming up, and many groups and bands have...


New opening hours at the

News vom 09.03.2017

We are happy to announce that the "Atelier Zebrafisch" is now also opening on Mondays from 1pm until 6...


The 5th Festival

News vom 22.02.2017

“Dreamers do,what they cannot leave be. Realists leave be, what they cannot do.” Axel v. Ambesser It’s time: The 5th Festival "Der N°rden erzählt"...