Cooperation between Theater Lübeck and Hüxstraße

Window decorations featuring the production “Die Blechtrommel” starting on September 30, 2016 in the stores at Hüxstraßengemeinschaft

On Friday, September 30, 2016, the director of “die Blechtrommel”, Andreas Nathusius, Katharina Boye, representative of the Interessengemeinschaft Hüxstrasse GbR and Bettina Krieger, who works in Marketing at the Theater Lübeck, met at the Kaffeehaus at Hüxstrasse. The window decorations featuring the theme Günther Grass’ play “The Blechtrommel” were revealed to the audience.

There was a high participation rate in the Theater Lübeck’s call to celebrate the premiere of the piece “Die Blechtrommel” on October 1, 2016 with window decorations featuring the Blechtrommel theme and a portrait of the author, Günther Grass. Over 50 of the shops at Hüxstraße participated in the project and designed unique and creative window decorations in time for opening night.

“One important goal of the Hüxstraße interest group is to illustrate the city’s lively theater culture for the customers and the tourists, and to emphasize our connection to our city’s theater”, comments Katharina Boye, representative of the interest group and owner of the Kaffeehaus. “Making our connection to the theater public and thus being a part of Lübeck’s cultural program is our priority.”

Bettina Krieger organized the marketing campaign: “We thank the Interessengemeinschaft Hüxstrasse GbR for their cooperation in creating window decorations. The many positive responses and willingness to take on and be a part of this Lübeck-specific theme makes us very happy and shows how important it is to take our theater productions into the city and get people excited.” Andreas Nathusius, who reported about the final rehearsal, was highly satisfied with the creative window decorations.

Photo credit: Wolfgang Maxwitat