Strolling & Enjoyment at Hüxstraße


At Hüxstraße in the heart of downtown Lübeck, the clocks tick a little bit slower than normal. Here, you take your time: For strolling and shopping in interesting and inviting stores, galleries, and workshops. Or to meet your friends for drinks, a glass of wine, or coffee in the unique, comfortable flair of our street.

Slow down, amble, and let yourself be awed. Together with the neighboring Fleischhauerstraße, which is chock-full of small manufactures, “Hüx”, as it is known by the locals, belongs to the most popular and beloved shopping districts in the city.

The cobblestone street, lined by narrow gabled houses, with its inner courtyards and alleys, stands in a centuries-old tradition of traders’ shops and bars, and is part of the UN World Cultural Heritage Sites. Today, it is characterized mainly be individual, owner-operated shops, where consulting customers is a matter of course.

Discover our street’s diversity of beautiful things! Take something special from our Hanseatic city home with you: Living accessories and maritime decorations, textiles, and colors; aromatic tea and spice blends, gems and delicacies from local craftsmen or artists. Have a look inside our bookshops and galleries, following the footsteps of Lübeck’s famous authors and artists, or look for the spirit and the relics of Hanseatic League’s heyday.

Shopping in Lübeck is inseparable from the unique and maritime flair of the Old Town island – and from its culinary pleasures. The restaurants and delicatessen at Hüxstraße offer regional, innovative-creative, or exotic cuisine and specialties, whether as an in-between snack to go, or in a sit-down meal.

There is always something going on in the evening: Our restaurants and bars offer cultural highlights, including live music, theater performances, and readings. Don’t miss our street festivals, when the entire street turns into a colorfol party strip.

Hüxstraße is an experience in itself, measuring 517 meters with 121 shops, restaurants, and bars, from the Hüxterdamm all the way up to the corner at Breite Straße, across from the town hall arcades. Wrap up your shopping trip with some of Lübeck’s world famous Niederegger marzipan, marked with Lübeck’s town logo in its Gothic brick design: The Holstentor.

Hüxstraße is traffic-reduced and flanked with several bus stops, and is located near parking lots at Kanalstraße, or the parking garage at Hüxterdamm, from which it is easily accessible by foot. Cars are prohibited on Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., when the street is completely taken over by ambling pedestrians.